Imbiss & Pension Burgklause Schonecken

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Snack bar & guesthouse Burgklause is located in the nice village of Schönecken. Schönecken is a picturesque village, located 8 km from Prum, 15 km from Gerolstein with the famous eifel towns of Stadtkyll, Bitburg, Hillemheim, Daun and Badmunster Eifel within a half hour drive.

The stausee at Bitburg is really enjoying. You really feel like you are in a paradise on earth!

The tourist places Trier, Monchau, Koblenz, Koln, Vervier and Sankt vit are about an hour's drive from Schönecken.
Schönecken has a beautiful castle, which, as the name suggests, is situated in a corner. The castle is built against the Eifel hills.
The castle is visible from all angles (beautifully illuminated at night) and is currently being restored, just like certain parts of the village.
We are working hard on the future in Schönecken!
Schönecken is a nice village. Snack bar & guesthouse Burgklause is perfect for a weekend away. Wonderful walking and / or cycling. The environment is perfect for this. Schönecken is centrally located in the triangle Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

Schönecken is also great for hiking. In the immediate vicinity you will find the Schönecker Schweiz, a great walking area and the Jacobs path that runs along Schönecken.
There are also many hiking routes along and through Schonecken.

This area is perfect for cyclists and cyclists who love the hills of Limburg. With many hills and valleys, this environment is a challenge and certainly for the advanced cyclist a nice preparation for more.
Mountain bikers will also find what they are looking for. Various beautiful routes run through the large forests.
In short, for everyone there is something fun to do and plenty of challenges.

Schönecken is also a nice starting point for your motorcycle route. The most famous and beautiful routes can be found here. The engines run all day long. We have a nice parking place for motorbikes where they are covered and locked in the spacious garage.
And of course after the ride, walk, bike ride or day out a nice cup of coffee or drink on the terrace or in the living room by the fireplace with a nice snack.

I just say do it!