Imbiss & Pension Burgklause Schonecken

unglaubliche Erinnerungen

About us

The Eifel appealed to us enormously because of the environment and the geniality of the people. The warmth of the previous owner, who unfortunately had to stop, also determined our choice for this snack bar & Pension (B&B).

After 3 years, we still consider it an honor and at the same time a huge challenge to continue the snack bar.

We are Marco and Angela and started our own SnackBar and Pension 4 years ago in the Eifel.

A challenge due to the circumstances we are facing. Circumstances that we could never have imagined beforehand. Covid measures messed up the plans for the first 2 years. Health in summer 2022 so we had to close for a long time during the summer. At the same time, the current huge price increases are playing tricks on us, unfortunately we have to adjust the prices almost half a year.

Fortunately, after the Covid restrictions we are allowed to open the guest house again and the demand for the rooms is increasing.

We are positive people and stay positive. We are glad that we took this step 4 years ago. The freedom, tranquility and independence are wonderful. We enjoy this to the fullest.

We regularly receive this feedback from our guests. We are therefore happy that this relaxation and joy of life comes across and is seen.

The possibilities lay for us in Germany in the Eifel and it has proven that.

We are always looking for that extra bit that will make you leave our building with a smile on your face. Whether after a nice fresh cup of coffee, a simple meal or a nice weekend in our guest house (B&B).

The possibilities in Schönecken still appeal to us enormously. The trusted name of snack bar 'Burgklause' is known in the wider area, and we are happy that we can continue this name.

The name Burgklause refers on the one hand to the Burcht on the other hand to a meeting room where fathers used to drink their home-brewed beer, to relax after a day full of work. We hope to offer you this in our Burgklause.

Also the beautiful surroundings of Schönecken, which invite you to come and walk, cycle and ride beautiful routes on the motorcycle. We have a spacious garage where you can park the motorcycle and we also have beautiful EMTB (electric mountain bikes) for rent.

The beautiful hills & valleys, the beautiful nature, the stausee near Bitburg, the tourist villages around Schönecken are very relaxing. A beautiful area for walking and relaxing. As a racing/mountain bike enthusiast, I saw the challenges of the hills around Schönecken. The bicycle and mountain bike routes are also expanding rapidly here.

The Eifel is also familiar territory for motorcycle enthusiasts with its thousands of bends, climbs and descents and beautiful views.

In short, we quickly felt and still connected with the environment and the hospitality in Schönecken and its surroundings.

Simplicity and friendliness are our priority and you will find that with us.