Imbiss & Pension Burgklause Schonecken

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Welcome to our website of the Snackbar und Pension (B&B) Burgklause. In addition to general information and our menu, you can also book a room on our website. .


It's already 2024 and we will open again on January 25 for a beautiful year in Schonecken. We are ready for you again in our Snack Bar to make you a tasty snack.

We also hope to offer you a nice relaxing stay in our Pension. Ask us about the possibilities to make your overnight stay a truly relaxing one.


What do we have to offer you?

A nice place to spend the night in a cozy and homely atmosphere. An ideal location to enjoy a weekend away from the daily grind. In the triangle of Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium you can walk in the great nature, including in the famous Schonecker-Schweiz. We are also located directly on the Jacobs path 1 of the routes that go to santiago de compostella.

This is also a perfect place for cyclists who like challenges with climbing and descending. beautiful bicycle and atb routes to enjoy yourself.

For the motor enthusiast, I only have to shout the word 'Eifel' and the feeling comes up. The ideal environment for great beautiful motorcycle tours.

We have
2 spacious double rooms,
3 smaller double rooms and
2 simple single rooms.

our budget 2 person rooms and 1 person room have a shared bathroom. In the large 2-person room you have a bathroom for yourself. both bathrooms are accessible from the hallway.

So you can spend the night with us in our Pension (B&B) without any problems.

Step by step we are working to make your comfort even better, so for a nice relaxing stay we now have the possibility to relax in our hot tub or to undergo a nice massage after a day of walking, cycling or motorcycling. Enjoy a drink in the cozy guest room or enjoy a drink in our completely renovated garden with a view of the Burcht. So you can relax with us and leave it at home for a few days.

come with a group, together, with friends or just tell us your wishes and we will look for a nice interpretation, really everything is negotiable!

We hope to see you soon in our 'Burgklause'.

We are closed with the Snack Bar from December to february.

The Pension is open to a limited extent in January. Please call for the possibilities.

We are always closed in December because we help Santa Claus with his work in December.

We will remain closed in January this winter for renovations. Our larger rooms have a nice update and private bathroom. Some work still needs to be done for this.

We do it with a lot of passion and love for you.

Regards Marco & Angela

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The snackbar:

Delicious food in your guest house. We will supply the familiar German snacks, of course supplemented with some Dutch snacks that are in high demand.
You can pick up the food from us, eat it in the snack bar or eat on our terrace when the weather is nice and enjoy the sun in the Eifel.
We also have a “living room”/breakfast room/relaxation room where you as a guest can enjoy your meal quietly and convivially. You can contact us for simple snacks or a tasty menu. In autumn and winter enjoy a fresh soup and in the summer you can relax on the terrace with a drink and a pastry.

We have 7 rooms available for overnight stays, 5 simple bedrooms and 2 more spacious/luxurious bedrooms.
These have been completely renovated, are comfortably furnished and decorated in natural tones. A fresh bed will hopefully give you a well-deserved night's sleep after a nice day in the Eifel.

The rooms will share 2 bathrooms.
The smaller rooms do not allow a private bathroom. We will provide the more luxurious rooms with a private bathroom in the future.

In the morning there is the option for breakfast, which is not included in the overnight stay and times can be agreed upon according to your wishes.
You can enjoy your breakfast in our breakfast “living room”.

Even when you return from a day out, you can enjoy a meal and/or a nice drink in our living room by the fireplace. In our completely renovated garden you can sit outside in the sun and possibly have breakfast outside with Burchtzicht.

If you are ready for some relaxation after the walk, bike ride or motorcycle ride, we have a wonderful hot tub available (please reserve this in time to warm up)
We also offer you a nice relaxing massage. We want to offer you a relaxing holiday, whether this weekend, midweek or week, just 'relax' in the Eifel.
Emtb Bikes for rent!
If you are suddenly overwhelmed by the beautiful surroundings and would like to see more of it in a relaxed way, we have recently made electric bicycles available.

So nothing stands in the way of you enjoying a relaxing weekend together with us.

There is room for motorcyclists to store their motorcycles in the spacious garage, dry and locked. There is also the option to hang the suits there to dry.

The hikers can also dry their clothes and shoes in the boiler house if you arrive wet. It is also possible to have your clothes washed and dried for a small additional charge so that you can go out clean and dry the next day.

To relax in the evening, we have a wonderful hot tub, where you can relax in a warm bath with a snack and a drink. To relax, we also have the option to schedule a nice relaxation massage, wonderful after a day of walking, motorcycling or cycling, ask about the options!

We can offer you a fast WiFi connection. This is accessible free of charge to you as a guest.

About us

The Eifel appealed to us enormously because of the environment and the geniality of the people. The warmth of the previous owner, who unfortunately had to stop, also determined our choice for this snack bar & Pension (B&B).

After 3 years, we still consider it an honor and at the same time a huge challenge to continue the snack bar.

We are Marco and Angela and started our own SnackBar and Pension 4 years ago in the Eifel.

A challenge due to the circumstances we are facing. Circumstances that we could never have imagined beforehand. Covid measures messed up the plans for the first 2 years. Health in summer 2022 so we had to close for a long time during the summer. At the same time, the current huge price increases are playing tricks on us, unfortunately we have to adjust the prices almost half a year.

Fortunately, after the Covid restrictions we are allowed to open the guest house again and the demand for the rooms is increasing.

We are positive people and stay positive. We are glad that we took this step 4 years ago. The freedom, tranquility and independence are wonderful. We enjoy this to the fullest.

We regularly receive this feedback from our guests. We are therefore happy that this relaxation and joy of life comes across and is seen.

The possibilities lay for us in Germany in the Eifel and it has proven that.

We are always looking for that extra bit that will make you leave our building with a smile on your face. Whether after a nice fresh cup of coffee, a simple meal or a nice weekend in our guest house (B&B).

The possibilities in Schönecken still appeal to us enormously. The trusted name of snack bar 'Burgklause' is known in the wider area, and we are happy that we can continue this name.

The name Burgklause refers on the one hand to the Burcht on the other hand to a meeting room where fathers used to drink their home-brewed beer, to relax after a day full of work. We hope to offer you this in our Burgklause.

Also the beautiful surroundings of Schönecken, which invite you to come and walk, cycle and ride beautiful routes on the motorcycle. We have a spacious garage where you can park the motorcycle and we also have beautiful EMTB (electric mountain bikes) for rent.

The beautiful hills & valleys, the beautiful nature, the stausee near Bitburg, the tourist villages around Schönecken are very relaxing. A beautiful area for walking and relaxing. As a racing/mountain bike enthusiast, I saw the challenges of the hills around Schönecken. The bicycle and mountain bike routes are also expanding rapidly here.

The Eifel is also familiar territory for motorcycle enthusiasts with its thousands of bends, climbs and descents and beautiful views.

In short, we quickly felt and still connected with the environment and the hospitality in Schönecken and its surroundings.

Simplicity and friendliness are our priority and you will find that with us.